an odd trio

in the fire

too many irons


or any old iron

or more or less

and whatcha call


that then

is it THIS

or whatever


kind of poetry

lines up in

threes and if


nothing’s left

aloud to write

errors of way


all darkened

light in undeterred

mere mention…

©Stuart Mullen, 2017 (unfinished)

(quick first draft in ages, s’warm in here was all i could think for a more recent DPprompt so hit a random DPprompt with ‘An odd trio’.)





Belated bloggiversary to me

Present at last now my offdays are cast looks like drizzle –

Though that’s better than fog and I’ve done enough slog

So I’ve popped back in here with more drivel.

So why’s this old dino work while the newer stuff shirks?

I really do have no right answer.

But it’s been over two years although missing somewheres

And now only back here whenever…


One of my good lady friends might get round to reading some of my poems nicely for me over on their blog because some of my mates reckon they don’t even read like poems and the rhythm don’t work but what do fishermen know about poetry? Honestly!


Rinsing in the New Year!

I should write a limerick and so

for some words with this image to go

to wish a Happy New Year

with good wishes and cheer

and still ‘Onward’ but so ever so slow!

[an old pixabay file while the site appears inaccessible, thanks Col for adding the text!]


NEW! Inspired by the threewordsaday prompt for today:


I could charter a flight

if I had the full fare

and in no time at all

I would find myself there.

Instead I wait for an opening

in another’s schedule

to be a grateful passenger

whatever time arrival.

So I’ll wake when I’ve slept

(to see morning I hope)

and whenever the arrangement

I’ll just find some way to cope!

March on… (again!)

Previously published here(2015), my first PPP poem for 1st March


March One, march on, here at the first
now set a month’s new challenge:
to here each day attempt some verse
for inspiration, scavenge.
Explore device, language expand;
Seek still to learn and take in hand
For rhyme or reason? either, or…
horizons ever distant from the never distant shore.
March One, March on, from here endear, for hopeful is the journey:
spring in each step, each step atone
and sieze each day with focus clear to
chart a course with compass set to every day adventure;
March on toward the neverlands, on board for writes of passage; First
March, March One, and ever more, for motivation’s salvage.

©2015-2016 Stuart Mullen

A new year – March through renewal…


There might be more later (scheduled post, check back in twelve hours or so…?)

Hooray for the snail, until trodden and crushed,

beneath my bare feet, I do wish I’d not rushed!

Little comfort to know his suffering wasn’t prolonged,

if only shoes wound themselves round,

to places belonged.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Previously published at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SnailzpaceDaily

here is another:… there really is more…

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Second to last post before…


Previously published at Snailzpace Daily


As much as my mind says no matter, ne’er mind

I’d like my appearance more tidy and shined;

when I get home at the end of each day,

sure I had combed but now windswept and frayed,

I often forget before I set out in a rush

that right by the door is a comb and a brush!

Remember, we’re judged by how we present

over and above all the words we have penned.

©Stuart Mullen 2016

inspired by the threewordsaday prompt (2016,day54).